Sunday, March 25, 2007

Casey's Beach Birthday!

Casey wanted to have a beach birthday, so we decided to invite a few of her friends and we went to Salmon Creek.

The had fun, but the water is SOOO cold!

They found out about the little creatures that live in the sand,
imagine the girls screaming over bugs!

Casey and Ashley found a big stick in the sand.

Drawing on the beach was challenging, but lots of fun!

The sun came out enough to warm it up so they could tan!

We saw a guy riding his horse on the beach!
This would be so much fun! I just want the
weather to be a little bit warmer!

You can't go the the ocean without stopping at a local
shop and buying salt water taffy!

"A peace of sand"

Overall, it was a great time, I just wish the wind wouldn't have
picked up, it got so cold, so fast!

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