Friday, August 31, 2007


Can I just say I hate insomnia. I get it only sometimes, but wow! It sucks. I guess if I didn't have all this crap in my head, maybe I could sleep. Problem is, the stuff going through my head isn't my problems, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I scrap or I blog...

It does seem that when I am on a role scrapping, I don't get much blogging done!

So, I'm having fun scrapping, (at least you got to see some yummy photos!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mini book

Here's the Mini book I created for my class in September. Here it is shown completely opened:

These are the individual pages I did. The idea is to create the mini book using basic card stock instead of purchasing a chipboard book or other album. With each page I used a different technique or embellishment. There will be a variety of embellishments available at the class for the students to use. Each student has their own style, and I want to showcase that in the book they create!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


What can I say? Another trip to the dentist, another numb face, more appointments, but liking getting it done and out of the way. I have the root canal finished, new crown and all, my cavity has been filled, just some more cleaning and revisits and I'm done. Until next year! When my insurance limit is back! Then I think I might just replace these silver fillings (6) of them, with pretty white ones! Heck, the insurance is paying for it! And I get afternoons off!


This has got to be the funniest thing I have read in months! I feel for her!

I'm selling a bunch of Pokemon cards. Why? Because my kids sneaked them into my shopping cart while at the grocery store and I ended up buying them because I didn't notice they were there until we got home. How could I have possibly not noticed they were in my cart, you ask? Let me explain.

You haven’t lived until you’ve gone grocery shopping with six kids in tow. I would rather swim, covered in bait, through the English Channel, be a contestant on Fear Factor when they’re having pig brains for lunch, or do fourth grade math than to take my six kids to the grocery store. Because I absolutely detest grocery shopping, I tend to put it off as long as possible. There comes a time, however, when you’re peering into your fridge and thinking, ‘Hmmm, what can I make with ketchup, Italian dressing, and half an onion,’ that you decide you cannot avoid going to the grocery store any longer. Before beginning this most treacherous mission, I gather all the kids together and give them “The Lecture“.

“The Lecture“ goes like this…

MOM: “We have to go to the grocery store.”

KIDS: “Whine whine whine whine whine.“

MOM: “Hey, I don’t want to go either, but it’s either that or we’re eating cream of onion-ketchup soup and drinking Italian dressing for dinner tonight.”

KIDS: “Whine whine whine whine whine.“

MOM: “Now here are the rules: do not ask me for anything, do not poke the packages of meat in the butcher section, do not test the laws of physics and try to take out the bottom can in the pyramid shaped display, do not play baseball with oranges in the produce section, and most importantly, do not try to leave your brother at the store. Again.”

OK, the kids have been briefed. Time to go.

Once at the store, we grab not one, but two shopping carts. I wear the baby in a sling and the two little children sit in the carts while I push one cart and my oldest son pushes the other one. My oldest daughter is not allowed to push a cart. Ever. Why? Because the last time I let her push the cart, she smashed into my ankles so many times, my feet had to be amputated by the end of our shopping trip. This is not a good thing. You try running after a toddler with no feet sometime.

At this point, a woman looks at our two carts and asks me, “Are they all yours?” I answer good naturedly, “Yep!

“Oh my, you have your hands full.”

“Yes, I do, but it‘s fun!” I say smiling. I’ve heard all this before. In fact, I hear it every time I go anywhere with my brood.

We begin in the produce section where all these wonderfully, artistically arranged pyramids of fruit stand. There is something so irresistibly appealing about the apple on the bottom of the pile, that a child cannot help but try to touch it. Much like a bug to a zapper, the child is drawn to this piece of fruit. I turn around to the sounds of apples cascading down the display and onto the floor. Like Indiana Jones, there stands my son holding the all-consuming treasure that he just HAD to get and gazing at me with this dumbfounded look as if to say, “Did you see that??? Wow! I never thought that would happen!”

I give the offending child an exasperated sigh and say, “Didn’t I tell you, before we left, that I didn’t want you taking stuff from the bottom of the pile???”

“No. You said that you didn’t want us to take a can from the bottom of the pile. You didn’t say anything about apples.”

With superhuman effort, I resist the urge to send my child to the moon and instead focus on the positive - my child actually listened to me and remembered what I said!!! I make a mental note to be a little more specific the next time I give the kids The Grocery Store Lecture.

A little old man looks at all of us and says, “Are all of those your kids?”

Thinking about the apple incident, I reply, “Nope. They just started following me. I’ve never seen them before in my life.”

OK, now onto the bakery section where everything smells so good, I’m tempted to fill my cart with cookies and call it a day. Being on a perpetual diet, I try to hurry past the assortment of pies, cakes, breads, and pastries that have my children drooling. At this point the chorus of “Can we gets” begins.

“Can we get donuts?”


“Can we get cupcakes?”


“Can we get muffins?”


“Can we get pie?”


You’d think they’d catch on by this point, but no, they’re just getting started.

In the bakery, they’re giving away free samples of coffee cake and of course, my kids all take one. The toddler decides he doesn’t like it and proceeds to spit it out in my hand. (That’s what moms do. We put our hands in front of our children’s mouths so they can spit stuff into them. We’d rather carry around a handful of chewed up coffee cake, than to have the child spit it out onto the floor. I’m not sure why this is, but ask any mom and she’ll tell you the same.) Of course, there’s no garbage can around, so I continue shopping one-handed while searching for someplace to dispose of the regurgitated mess in my hand.

In the meat department, a mother with one small baby asks me, “Wow! Are all six yours?”

I answer her, “Yes, but I’m thinking of selling a couple of them.”

(Still searching for a garbage can at this point.)

Ok, after the meat department, my kids’ attention spans are spent. They’re done shopping at this point, but we aren’t even halfway through the store. This is about the time they like to start having shopping cart races. And who may I thank for teaching them this fun pastime? My seventh “child”, also known as my husband. While I’m picking out loaves of bread, the kids are running down the aisle behind the carts in an effort to get us kicked out of the store. I put to stop to that just as my son is about to crash head on into a giant cardboard cut-out of a Keebler elf stacked with packages of cookies.

Ah! Yes! I find a small trash can by the coffee machine in the cereal aisle and finally dump out the squishy contents of my hand. After standing in the cereal aisle for an hour and a half while the kids perused the various cereals, comparing the marshmallow and cheap, plastic toy content of each box, I broke down and let them each pick out a box. At any given time, we have twenty open boxes of cereal in my house.

As this is going on, my toddler is playing Houdini and maneuvering his little body out of the seat belt in an attempt to stand up in the cart. I’m amazed the kid made it to his second birthday without suffering a brain damaging head injury. In between trying to flip himself out of the cart, he sucks on the metal bars of the shopping cart. Mmmm, can you say “influenza”?

The shopping trip continues much like this. I break up fights between the kids now and then and stoop down to pick up items that the toddler has flung out of the cart. I desperately try to get everything on my list without adding too many other goodies to the carts.

Somehow I manage to complete my shopping in under four hours and head for the check-outs where my kids start in on a chorus of, “Can we have candy?” What evil minded person decided it would be a good idea to put a display of candy in the check-out lanes, right at a child’s eye level? Obviously someone who has never been shopping with children.

As I unload the carts, I notice many extra items that my kids have sneaked in the carts unbeknownst to me. I remove a box of Twinkies, a package of cupcakes, a bag of candy, and a can of cat food (we don’t even have a cat!). I somehow missed the box of Pokemon cards however and ended up purchasing them unbeknownst to me. As I pay for my purchases, the clerk looks at me, indicates my kids, and asks, “Are they all yours?”

Frustrated, exhausted from my trip, sick to my stomach from writing out a check for $289.53, dreading unloading all the groceries and putting them away and tired of hearing that question, I look at the clerk and answer her in my most sarcastic voice, “No. They’re not mine. I just go around the neighborhood gathering up kids to take to the grocery store because it’s so much more fun that way.”

So, up for auction is an opened (they ripped open the box on the way home from the store) package of Pokemon cards. There are 44 cards total. They're in perfect condition, as I took them away from the kiddos as soon as we got home from the store. Many of them say "Energy". I tried carrying them around with me, but they didn't work. I definitely didn't have any more energy than usual. One of them is shiny. There are a few creature-like things on many of them. One is called Pupitar. Hee hee hee Pupitar! (Oh no! My kids' sense of humor is rubbing off on me!) Anyway, I don't there's anything special about any of these cards, but I'm very much not an authority on Pokemon cards. I just know that I'm not letting my kids keep these as a reward for their sneakiness.

Shipping is FREE on this item. Insurance is optional, but once I drop the package at the post office, it is no longer my responsibility. For example, if my son decides to pour a bottle of glue into the envelope, or my daughter spills a glass of juice on the package, that’s my responsibility and I will fully refund your money. If, however, I take the envelope to the post office and a disgruntled mail carrier sets fire to it, a pack of wild dogs rip into it, or a mail sorting machine shreds it, it’s out of my hands, so you may want to add insurance. I will leave feedback for you as soon as I’ve received your payment. I will be happy to combine shipping on multiple items won within three days. This comes from a smoke-free, pet-free, child-filled home. Please ask me any questions before placing your bid. Happy bidding! :)

Want to see the original post on ebay? Here's the link:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fuzzy Zoeller Golf Hole in One

This is the coolest golf shot ever!

I could get more scrapbooking done if I...

1) wouldn't spend so much time on the computer. (Now for instance). I try to read everyone's blog, I check on the message boards and look through galleries. I update my blog with inconsequential posts!

2) would print pictures ahead of time so I wouldn't have to pull out the computer, see above post.

3) could see more of the product I have, or just choose it ahead of time and not get involved in searching for something and end up looking at stuff cause I don't remember all that I have.

4) would stop feeling guilty about allowing myself play time. I work all day, come home and work on household chores, make dinner. Then feel like I can't abandon family to create. I'm hoping my hubby changes the entertainment center, cause then I wouldn't be so separated from family and could create and still be with them. I rarely allow myself scrapbooking time.

5) would schedule scrapbooking, like an appointment, it in my appointment book. Hey, maybe I could alter the book?

6) would commit to doing more online scrapbook challenges and set some personal page goals. I know that would make me scrapbook more!

7) would go to a crop and actually feel inspired to create. The last few crops I've found there was much more socialization and taking time for dinner than scrapbooking. I forego food when I scrapbook. I get on a role and want to create. I would rather work a crop and socialize and give advice then to crop at it!

8) would stop feeling guilty when I do take time to scrapbook for myself. This is a big one for me. I consider scrapbooking to be a necessary creative outlet for me. I am a happier person when I create, I want the freedom to be able to take an hour or two and just create. Not wanting my kids to say, "what's for dinner?" but instead say, "Mom, can I make dinner tonight?" When I get interrupted it just makes me tense and defeats the purpose of the whole process. (I AM NOT ON DRUGS! Just hoping my kids would take the initiative once in a while)

So the whole point is, it is easier to realize something when it is written down. I know I need to make time for me. I also need to schedule that with family. Set a night of the week for kids to cook dinner, or order out and let Mom create. I think with teaching classes once a week that I should be able to create on the weekends. So it's 9 am on Sunday morning, hubby is golfing, kids are sleeping, and I am creating!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Having fun now!

I've complained so much about my scrap space, trying to get it done for the billionth time. I think I am done. Well, still some sorting to do, but it's got a place to be until I get to doing that.

It was all the little things that made it hard. I wanted to purge and give away things. Then I did a lot, I mean A LOT of surfing on the internet in peoples galleries. Not to scrap lift their stuff, (athough I saw so much! I am so inspired to create!) I noticed that you can add those really old embellishments and stickers and old paper to make a layout, without it looking like it's from 1990!

So then came the "where do I want to store" issues. What about this embellishment? What about the chipboard letters? Where can I keep all this ribbon? I didn't know I owned this many buttons. Are fibers coming back? I have so many! How much paper is too much? I think I passed that a long time ago! Colored pencils? Hmm, haven't done that in a while. Markers, slick writes, pigment markers, geez! Stickers? Mrs Grossmans stickers, wow, that was from a long time ago!

So I think I will slowly go through and use some stuff. I mostly have it organized and stored, (okay, so there is one huge plastic container filled with lots of different stuff, but I was really tired of looking and not creating!)

Here's the finished product( Or as good as it's gonna get! I wanna scrap!) (Oh, and the photos were taken with my camera phone so I wouldn't have to resize them! I'm so lazy!!!)

Here are the big plastic tubes I use to put
1. kids high school report cards, dance/class photos, school reports & projects.
2. my high school stuff, same as above.
3. what I like to call my blanks, blank albums, blank canvases, blank composition books, blank cd cases to alter, you get the idea.
4. My CHA/CKU projects I have yet to finish, kits that I liked that I want to do but if I take and put away all the pieces, then I'd forget what it was and never do the project!

The stuff I still have to go through, the big plastic tote is full of embellishments I've bought (you'd think I was a professional scrapbook buyer!) I have embellishments that haven't quite made it to their home in the plastic cases. It'll get there!

Still have a lot of magazines I want to look through for inspiration. It's stacked on the floor about 3 feet high!!!

I have containers that I'm not using, hmmm, can't decide what I want to do with them...

And here's a little secret... My scrap room is our formal dining room! I've hidden the back of the entertainment center with canvas curtains. I've taken photos of the curtains tied up, and then the front of the entertainment center so you get and idea of what it looks like. I kept the curtains up when taking a picture of the front side so you can see through.

See the doggy gate in the background? That's the entrance to the kitchen.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm tired of coming home to this...

So this is what I decided to do, take photos for the period of a week and 'show' them what I see. I've 'discussed' things with the girls. I've lectured the girls. I've given chores to the girls. Still it doesn't help.

I don't ask for much, just keep the house picked up. They each have dishes assigned for 2 days of the week. I can't keep changing the dish schedule to match their life schedule. You would think they could figure out how to trade days, just like at a job. If you aren't going to be there to do it, then switch with a sister. If you are doing your laundry, then finish it and take it to your room. If you use a blanket or get something out, put it back!

Still, I come home to a mess, usually in the kitchen. I have to clean it up before I can make dinner.

Last night, my husband got really mad cause the house was a mess. There were dishes in the sink (that I put in a almost empty dishwasher and turned it on) There were DVD's left out from 2 weeks ago when they watched Harry Potter, there were DVD's from this week left out. The coffee table was in the wrong place. There were tuffs of dog hair on the hard wood floors and carpet. (someone actually folded my clothes on the floor and there was dog hair all over them! Eww!)

Here's some photos of what I see:




AUGUST 14th - came home to:

AUGUST 15th - came home to:

So last night I had to clean up to make dinner. I made dinner and then my husband got upset about the house. (I know exactly how he feels!) So instead of eating dinner, I cleaned up, I vacuumed the carpet in the family room (I moved all the furniture to all the carpet, not just the traffic area), I vacuumed the under the stairs where the dogs crates are, moved them and vacuumed all the tuff of hair up, there was kitty litter on the stairs from the dogs, the cat or whatever. My husband swept the hard wood floors. So, I bet that took a long time, right? I mean, that is the reason it never gets done cause it takes so much time, right? Well, it didn't take but 30-45 minutes.

So, what does this mean? It means my daughters don't care that they live like this. Dirty dishes, piles of laundry, dirty floors, messy bathrooms.

I care, my husband cares. We pay for the mortgage and the food, the electricity and the phones. We pay for the health insurance, car insurance and dental insurance. We work all day, and don't want to come home to a mess. We provide the home and we want it they way we like it.

So, here's the message to my three girls. You better take pride in our house, cause if things don't change, then I'll start changing them. I'm tired of threats, I'm tired of the mess. Don't let me come home to a house that looks like this. I don't want to work all day to pay for my house, and have it look like this. I know Dad doesn't want to either! The next time it happens, you'll notice your cell phones are turned off. After that, you'll find you have to get your own car insurance, I'll spend that money that I am saving on things I want, I know there are a couple things I'd like to get for Dad. A brand new car would be nice. If I didn't pay your bills, I could easily make that car payment. Get what I'm saying???