Monday, September 03, 2007

Challenge Club

So in challenge club, Debbi challenged us to create a layout using bubble wrap and paint. Not so hard, it's paint, I love paint!

Then I went to Debbis house for her birthday, we were scrapping away. She pulls out her tin of flowers and looks at some of them like, "What was I thinking? Why did I buy these?" I opened my mouth and said, I like them, you just need the right color papers. (This went over really well, not!) She says, "I never use colors like this" I again don't keep my mouth shut, (go figure), and I tell her I can use this on my challenge page, (shut up Brenda!)

Then, cause it's her birthday, I grab a couple of the cupcake liners (the outer metal ones) and think I should add this too, just to prove something.

So here it is. The end result of Debbi's class challenge, and the add on challenges of the flower and cup cake liner.

Here's a close up of the flower. The crocheted one is from my stash, the layer below that is the cupcake liner with some paint, and the "ugly" colored flower Deb doesn't know why she bought it!

1 comment:

Debbi said...

OHhhhh. Your a funny girl. Love the commentary here. Made me laugh. And you ROCKED the challenge girlie.