Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Better photos

Here are better photos of the UGLY DOLLS~ btw, I didn't make this pink one with the baseball cap! Neither did my daughters! Hmmm, who does that leave in this house?

My personal voodoo doll!

I have no clue where this came from? It just happened that way!

I love this one! Probable my favorite so far!


Debbi said...

CURTIS MADE A DOLL?????????????????
Are you kidding me right now???????
And its GOOD!!!!!! I knew he could do it. Seriously. I hope he makes more.

kacy said...

I love the pink rock star guy and the blue heart-butt is cute too.
Thanks for the recent comment, I just started the whole blog thing b/c nikki wouldnt shut up about it. Anyway, take care. Cowboy will be coming up Memorial Day weekend so maybe we can all hang out. :)