Monday, April 30, 2007

Brenda Needs...

Brenda needs help! (go figure)

Brenda needs a makeover, (are you calling me fat?)

Brenda needs a partner. (Uh, no. Happily married, thank you!)

Brenda needs her own show. (I am my own show!)

Uncle Brenda needs your help. (are you kidding me right now?)

Brenda needs a home. (Nope, just hardwood floors!)

Brenda needs a miracle healing right now, (ain't that the truth)

Brenda needs to improve her acting skills a little bit. (whatever!)

Brenda needs a good lesson in diplomacy. (It's my way or the highway)

Brenda needs the help of the public.

Brenda needs to stabilize those emotions.

Brenda needs encouragement and grace.

Brenda needs your prayers.

Brenda needs a new best friend. (Okay, this is over, there is no way I need a new best friend. Debbi and Nikki are the bomb when it comes to best friends. This googling sucks! Doesn't work, ain't happening, its WRONG!)


Debbi said...

Um. your right Google sucks. How dare they say you need new best friends. Fire Google.

Anonymous said...

yeah, what about me???