Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Nikki doesn't drive...

What is this horse looking at? Let me tell you a story!

My friend Debbi commented on my Fixed the Fix It and reminded me of the story of why we don't let Nikki drive. First, her car is, well, kind of messy with her day to day stuff. So if she were to drive, we'd let her drive our car. Here's the next problem, Nikki has a tendency to lock keys in cars. (I've been informed the AAA drivers know her personally now!) Still, these two reasons aren't quite enough to keep Debbi and I from letting Nikki drive. The third and most important reason is this:

While driving home from CKU Anaheim, Nikki and I had to go it alone since Deb flew home. (So I guess this story is Deb's fault too!) It's like 7-8 hours and although Nikki doesn't like to drive other peoples cars, she was willing to share in the driving. So about halfway home, we switched and I let Nikki drive my Tahoe. Nikki is used to driving a smaller car, but is an experienced driver so I had no problem with her driving.

We were about 1-2 hours from home when Nikki looked at the gas gauge and realized we were on fumes. (I wonder if she runs out of gas besides locking her keys in her car?) She immediately gets off the freeway around Oakland/Berkeley area looking for a gas station. I was a little worried cause I've never run out of gas in my car. We're driving in what looks like an industrial area, having trouble seeing any gas stations. We come upon a railroad crossing and take advantage of the clear view to look for the gas station. Well, instead of spotting the gas station, I spot the oncoming train! The railroad crossing lights start blinking and the arm starts lowering. I yell to Nikki, "back up, back up!" In her panic, she can't get the car into reverse, (just like in the movies!)

Down comes the railroad crossing arm, right across the middle of my hood! *Bounce*, *bounce*. I think Nikki was saying something out loud, not really sure. I went into a hysterical fit of laughter. I've never had this happen and I think it's so funny! Poor Nikki is mumbling something about being so sorry and she'll pay to have it fixed. I have tears cause I'm laughing so hard!

Back to the photo: So what is the horse looking at? I have no idea. It's the only photo I could find of my car! (I've since sold it. It was defective with a teeny tiny dent in the hood)

So that's why Nikki doesn't drive.

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nikki said...

hahaha you are sooooo funny!