Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fixed the Fix It

Okay, so I was driving with Debbi and Nikki to Tracy for Ali Edwards class. We had just stopped at Starbuck's and we were off for a day of friendship together. I was busy talking, (yes, me talking, go figure). I was following some pick up truck in front of me, so not really paying all that much attention to anything. I didn't even go a mile and lights flashed behind me! Crap! I pulled over to the side of the road and opened both front windows (in the rain! My windows are tinted far too dark!) Nikki is in the back saying something about talking my way out of this. Debbi doesn't get why the windows are rolled down. I have no time to discuss it, waiting for the officer to come to my window.

So in my mind I am quickly running through things I can say when I hear those awful words, "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

The officer comes to my window, opens his mouth and says, "You were driving 65 in a 45 and I know your windows are tinted. Can I see your license, registration and proof of insurance?"

Wow, there goes the wind right outta my sails! I smile, laugh a little and say "sure". What can I do? I figure I just spent $200 in scrapbooking money for this stupid ticket! Oh well, I have talked my way out of a bunch of tickets (which is why I have a clean driving record). I figured it was my time.

A few minutes later, the officer returns to my window with ticket book in hand, (great,). He says he wrote me a fix it ticket for the tinted windows, this doesn't go against my record and I can get the ticket signed off when repairs are made. He asked me if I rode a bike? (What the heck?) He said that the windows tinted like this don't allow bicyclists to see the driver. It's important to be able to make eye contact. (I'm really confused about his whole conversation with me). Then he told me to slow down. I would receive a notice in the mail, I could fix the windows and pay a small amount and have the ticket removed permanently from my driving record. (no speeding ticket!!!!!!!)

So here's proof that I waited until the last day (what a loser), but I fixed the ticket and payed my $10 fine!

Maybe next time Debbi should drive!

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Debbi said...

Are you kidding me right now? If I dive do you promise to not put on the driver side brakes? We could let Nikki drive but whe would just drive under the rail road sign thing that comes down.