Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Long Weekend

I had such a long weekend! We went to Reno for a bowling event my husband was in, on the drive up he starts to get his cold back! He was living off Dayquil and Halls cough drops and at night he coughs and coughs! It was usually about 3 am before he finally gets to sleep! I also didn't sleep until he was settled, so you can imagine how tired we were!

Red Velvet girls did an Ugly Doll Challenge! I entered but my photo of my ugly (I think it's cute) butterfly stinks! I had to use my cell phone cause we didn't have internet! Oh well, I had a great time making the butterfly! That's the point of entering contests, to go through the process of doing something you may otherwise not have done!

Here are some random weekend photos, I can upload now! YEA!!!

The Reno Bowling Stadium is HUGE!

See the empty lot? This is where we got married! The Heart of Reno is the place, but it's a different building now and in a different location! How sad! No photos of the original building where we got married! No photos of our wedding! I guess this will have to do!

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