Sunday, June 17, 2007

Snorkling and Kayaking

The water was cold, 2 weeks ago it was 78 degrees, on our kayak trip it was 67 degrees, burrrr. It was really windy and we had to work to keep from flipping the kayak over in the swells and waves. The guides call them the divorce kayaks, instead of ocean kayaks, cause people have to communicate and work together. Brandi and I did great, we got to see a ocean rock garden, but I couldn't take pictures cause we needed to continue to paddle so not to end up in the coral reefs/rocks. Those reefs are sharp, I have cuts on my hand from snorkling and the current carrying me too close to the reef.

The underwater shots are greenish because of the wind stirring things up. The fish are amazing, they swim right near you and you can reach out to touch them, although they move out of reach. It was amazing.


Debbi said...

They put you in wet suits? Huh!

nikki said...

did you get a pic with all the gear know mask and all...i bet you looked pretty dorky!
luv ya...come home please!