Saturday, June 16, 2007

We're in Mexico!

Brandi and I are in Mexico! We have wireless internet, yea!!!!

So getting here was interesting. First, we had to wake up early, well, I had to wake up early, Brandi stayed up all night at project graduation. So we took our morning showers, and packed the car. Heather drove us to the airport. So far, our trip was going okay.

We got our boarding passes, checked our luggage and headed to our gate at Oakland International Airport. Our flight was headed to Phoenix and then a connecting flight 41 minutes later to Cabo. I figured it wouldn't be so bad of a wait, maybe we would be able to get some lunch or a snack or Starbucks!

So as we're waiting for our plane, the announcement comes that it's delayed about 20 minutes. Now I start to worry, what if we miss our flight? The announcement then says if we have connecting flights, they will rebook us on the next available flight. This would not work, I have transportation arranged. Oh crap!

So we wait, and wait for our plane to land, we are all sitting impatiently and I think everyone has checked at the desk about what can be done. The answer is always the same, they'll see what can be done once we arrive in Phoenix.

Finally the plane lands and passengers disembark. The the announcement comes that they will be attempting to save time, so they are loading us passengers a little differently. Rows 13 (that's us) and back who are capable of walking up and down stairs will be loaded from the rear of the aircraft. We exit the terminal and walk outside on the tar mack to our plane. This was kinda cool. I took pictures, (but I don't have the cable for my camera) We get onboard and the pilot informs us he is going to make up sometime flying but that we are still going to be late.

We get to Phoenix Airport and head straight to our gate, we basically run. As we arrive, we are informed they have moved our flight to a different gate. It's on the opposite side of the airport. I'm so tired of this! But we head that way, at a very fast pase. The the announcement is heard, final boarding call for flight 340, all passengers have two minutes to board before our seats are released to other passengers. Brandi starts running! I figure I'm gonna kill myself getting there so I jog. Brandi is there talking to them, I'm still too far away, she's pointing my way. I have no idea what she's saying, but I can tell you this, the look on her face says there is no way she's letting them give up our seats!

I get there, can't breathe, but I'm there. I tell them our flight was delayed, then the captain announced the wrong gate to us. She said not to worry, they'll reopen the door for us. (yes,, they were going to leave). Then the magic question, what about our luggage? She said not to worry, they are going to load it before taking off.

So we get to our seats, last ones aboard! The announcement on the plane is that we are just waiting for some luggage and then we'll be backing out and taking off. Thank goodness!

So our luggage arrives and we head to take off. I honestly thought we were going to crash. The plane was swaying side to side. I've never felt anything like that before.

Fast forward to the turbelent landing at Cabo. Geez, it was like a roller coaster ride! But we made it.

We filled out the papers and got through customs. Went past all the creeps in the airport to outside. Our friendly Daniel from Worldmark was there, everything would be fine now.

So here we are, it's beautiful here. And we going to go out and have fun today!!!


Debbi said...

LOL. Ya big dork. Didn't anyone ever tell you to not book a connecting flight less than like 1 1/2 to 2 hours delay. Too funny. Glad you made it.

Debbi said...

p.s.....GREAT Worldmark. I wanna go there. I am soooo jealous. How fun.

nikki said...

but it wouldn't be memorable if you actually got there with no problems....