Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life, Busy and what next?

Here's the scoop:

My cat TC is not doing well at all. He's so skinny, hasn't eaten food in 4 days, going on 5 days today. He is so old, we've had him 12 years and they said he was 5-7 years old when we got him. So I know it is his time, just feel really awful watching him dwindle to nothing.

Another sad/angry thing, yesterday my daughter Casey called me after school. Her sister was at graduation practice until 4 pm. Someone had come by and keyed the side of her car. They wrote f*ck u b*tch. I couldn't believe my ears, has Brandi not endured enough? I was so furious! I called the vice principals office (he was on the field with the kids). The secretary told me to file a police report and call back in the morning. So Casey met the Sebastopol Police officer at the car and they took photos and filed a report. Curtis drove to the school to be there for Brandi. I talked to the vice principal this morning and the cameras they use don't "watch" that part of the parking lot. He was so sorry, felt extremely bad that something like this would happen to Brandi. We spent 2 hours last night buffing the paint, finally got the image gone along with the top coat of enamel. Better to have a paint fade than read what was written.

We pulled out the carpets in our bedroom Sunday. Can you say disgusting? I thought my dogs had been peeing on the carpet and they were the culprits. After moving bedroom furniture, and seeing the pee stained padding and subflooring in areas my dogs can't get to, I realized it was the previous owners labrador that was the culprit. The more I tried to shampoo the carpets, the more I brought the smell and stains to the surface. So it wasn't my dogs as much as the pre existing condition. So my room is subflooring and smells hella better!!! We are getting hardwood floors, already picked them out and put a few down to see how it will look, it's gonna be great! Just hope it goes down well! Hubby is gonna do that or start it while Brandi and I are in Mexico.

Guess what I got for our little trip to mexico?

Don't want something to happen to my Canon Digital Rebel SLR, have it stolen or damaged. So I am bringing this one. AND guess what? It's waterproof, I can take photos underwater of all the stuff we see snorkling and whatever else we do! Woo Hoo!

I'm so excited to have some great photos to be able to scrapbook! Underwater photos should be fun! I'll post some here if I have internet available. I am looking forward to this trip!

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Jill said...

Neat on the waterproof camera! Sorry about your cat, that is a very long time & the car. :-( :-( :-(