Sunday, August 19, 2007

I could get more scrapbooking done if I...

1) wouldn't spend so much time on the computer. (Now for instance). I try to read everyone's blog, I check on the message boards and look through galleries. I update my blog with inconsequential posts!

2) would print pictures ahead of time so I wouldn't have to pull out the computer, see above post.

3) could see more of the product I have, or just choose it ahead of time and not get involved in searching for something and end up looking at stuff cause I don't remember all that I have.

4) would stop feeling guilty about allowing myself play time. I work all day, come home and work on household chores, make dinner. Then feel like I can't abandon family to create. I'm hoping my hubby changes the entertainment center, cause then I wouldn't be so separated from family and could create and still be with them. I rarely allow myself scrapbooking time.

5) would schedule scrapbooking, like an appointment, it in my appointment book. Hey, maybe I could alter the book?

6) would commit to doing more online scrapbook challenges and set some personal page goals. I know that would make me scrapbook more!

7) would go to a crop and actually feel inspired to create. The last few crops I've found there was much more socialization and taking time for dinner than scrapbooking. I forego food when I scrapbook. I get on a role and want to create. I would rather work a crop and socialize and give advice then to crop at it!

8) would stop feeling guilty when I do take time to scrapbook for myself. This is a big one for me. I consider scrapbooking to be a necessary creative outlet for me. I am a happier person when I create, I want the freedom to be able to take an hour or two and just create. Not wanting my kids to say, "what's for dinner?" but instead say, "Mom, can I make dinner tonight?" When I get interrupted it just makes me tense and defeats the purpose of the whole process. (I AM NOT ON DRUGS! Just hoping my kids would take the initiative once in a while)

So the whole point is, it is easier to realize something when it is written down. I know I need to make time for me. I also need to schedule that with family. Set a night of the week for kids to cook dinner, or order out and let Mom create. I think with teaching classes once a week that I should be able to create on the weekends. So it's 9 am on Sunday morning, hubby is golfing, kids are sleeping, and I am creating!

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EquineSpirit said...

Amen to that sister!! Great list! I'm with you on all those reasons!!