Friday, August 10, 2007


Okay, so it's not real clear. Several months ago I bought a MacBook. When I went to Blogger to post, the posting window was different. (Nikki got her iMac before I got my MacBook, she had the same issues.) When you are creating a new post, you have 2 choices, they are 'spellcheck' and 'add a photo'. That's it. No pretty color text, bold, italic, nothing. So my post tend to be very plain, (although sometimes I cheat and use my PC at work!)

So the point was, although is may seem small to everyone else, Helen showed me how to enter the simple code to change my text to italic and bold. Knowing that information, I can probably try playing with other code to do even more.

Blogger isn't Mac friendly, but it's free. I am seriously considering changing to typepad or iWeb. Both of those cost money, which is what has prevented me for making the switch. That doesn't mean I won't though!

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