Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm tired of coming home to this...

So this is what I decided to do, take photos for the period of a week and 'show' them what I see. I've 'discussed' things with the girls. I've lectured the girls. I've given chores to the girls. Still it doesn't help.

I don't ask for much, just keep the house picked up. They each have dishes assigned for 2 days of the week. I can't keep changing the dish schedule to match their life schedule. You would think they could figure out how to trade days, just like at a job. If you aren't going to be there to do it, then switch with a sister. If you are doing your laundry, then finish it and take it to your room. If you use a blanket or get something out, put it back!

Still, I come home to a mess, usually in the kitchen. I have to clean it up before I can make dinner.

Last night, my husband got really mad cause the house was a mess. There were dishes in the sink (that I put in a almost empty dishwasher and turned it on) There were DVD's left out from 2 weeks ago when they watched Harry Potter, there were DVD's from this week left out. The coffee table was in the wrong place. There were tuffs of dog hair on the hard wood floors and carpet. (someone actually folded my clothes on the floor and there was dog hair all over them! Eww!)

Here's some photos of what I see:




AUGUST 14th - came home to:

AUGUST 15th - came home to:

So last night I had to clean up to make dinner. I made dinner and then my husband got upset about the house. (I know exactly how he feels!) So instead of eating dinner, I cleaned up, I vacuumed the carpet in the family room (I moved all the furniture to all the carpet, not just the traffic area), I vacuumed the under the stairs where the dogs crates are, moved them and vacuumed all the tuff of hair up, there was kitty litter on the stairs from the dogs, the cat or whatever. My husband swept the hard wood floors. So, I bet that took a long time, right? I mean, that is the reason it never gets done cause it takes so much time, right? Well, it didn't take but 30-45 minutes.

So, what does this mean? It means my daughters don't care that they live like this. Dirty dishes, piles of laundry, dirty floors, messy bathrooms.

I care, my husband cares. We pay for the mortgage and the food, the electricity and the phones. We pay for the health insurance, car insurance and dental insurance. We work all day, and don't want to come home to a mess. We provide the home and we want it they way we like it.

So, here's the message to my three girls. You better take pride in our house, cause if things don't change, then I'll start changing them. I'm tired of threats, I'm tired of the mess. Don't let me come home to a house that looks like this. I don't want to work all day to pay for my house, and have it look like this. I know Dad doesn't want to either! The next time it happens, you'll notice your cell phones are turned off. After that, you'll find you have to get your own car insurance, I'll spend that money that I am saving on things I want, I know there are a couple things I'd like to get for Dad. A brand new car would be nice. If I didn't pay your bills, I could easily make that car payment. Get what I'm saying???


The Scrappery said...

Maybe with the money you save you could hire a housekeeper?

nikki said...

hmmmm. i want to come over and see how clean your house is now!

Nadiyya said...

good for you brenda...!!! Can i add your blog as a favourite??

Debbi said...

You go girl. Wanay borrow Matt. He is real good at cleaning. My kitchen has not been this clean in forever. All of the canisters got moved and washed yesterday. Gotta love him.