Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Husband Rocks! Ask Nikki!

Wow, the planets must've aligned tonight in just the right way. My husband decided at the last minute to stop by Home Depot on the way home from work to pick up a bag of top soil. On the way home, he spotted a dog running across the road. He thought it looked like Nikki's dog. He turned the car around and went the other way to get a closer look. He called me on the phone to ask what kind of dogs Nikki had. I told him a Toby is a Rat Terrier Mix and Lola is a beagle. He tells me he thinks he sees them running near the road (a major road).

I know Nikki is at work and she won't answer her cell phone. I run to my car barefoot and get ready to go help. I'm still on the phone with my husband (it's on speakerphone in his car). He gets the dogs in his car with the help of good samaritans. He's bringing them to our house so I stay home.

Now to reach Nikki... I remember my car has navigation and lists phone numbers to business (so cool) so I search and find the phone number and call her. My first words, you need to know everything is okay, but my husband just found your dogs running around near the street. (I hear that panic in her voice) "What?" I don't know where Ron is and I don't have his number so I had to call to let someone know. She is speechless (definately not Nikki-like).

But wow, I can't believe he went home that way, I can't believe he spotted the dogs, I am just amazed that it turned out the way it did. Then again, I know how much Nikki does for complete strangers, she is always the first to think of a Random Act of Kindness for someone. (she posted a challenge on her blog to tell about a random act of kindness to get a free bag of Starbucks coffee!) I guess when you are always giving, somehow when things go wrong, all those good RAK's make a difference and things can turn around! Proof is that her dogs are home and healthy, I think the latch on their gate will be fixed really soon! Apparently it came open and that's how the dogs go out!


Debbi said...

Nikki called me on her break last night and told me this story. I still can not believe Curtis found them randomly. THAT was meant to be and came from a higher up. Just plain crazy.

The Scrappery said...