Saturday, August 18, 2007

Having fun now!

I've complained so much about my scrap space, trying to get it done for the billionth time. I think I am done. Well, still some sorting to do, but it's got a place to be until I get to doing that.

It was all the little things that made it hard. I wanted to purge and give away things. Then I did a lot, I mean A LOT of surfing on the internet in peoples galleries. Not to scrap lift their stuff, (athough I saw so much! I am so inspired to create!) I noticed that you can add those really old embellishments and stickers and old paper to make a layout, without it looking like it's from 1990!

So then came the "where do I want to store" issues. What about this embellishment? What about the chipboard letters? Where can I keep all this ribbon? I didn't know I owned this many buttons. Are fibers coming back? I have so many! How much paper is too much? I think I passed that a long time ago! Colored pencils? Hmm, haven't done that in a while. Markers, slick writes, pigment markers, geez! Stickers? Mrs Grossmans stickers, wow, that was from a long time ago!

So I think I will slowly go through and use some stuff. I mostly have it organized and stored, (okay, so there is one huge plastic container filled with lots of different stuff, but I was really tired of looking and not creating!)

Here's the finished product( Or as good as it's gonna get! I wanna scrap!) (Oh, and the photos were taken with my camera phone so I wouldn't have to resize them! I'm so lazy!!!)

Here are the big plastic tubes I use to put
1. kids high school report cards, dance/class photos, school reports & projects.
2. my high school stuff, same as above.
3. what I like to call my blanks, blank albums, blank canvases, blank composition books, blank cd cases to alter, you get the idea.
4. My CHA/CKU projects I have yet to finish, kits that I liked that I want to do but if I take and put away all the pieces, then I'd forget what it was and never do the project!

The stuff I still have to go through, the big plastic tote is full of embellishments I've bought (you'd think I was a professional scrapbook buyer!) I have embellishments that haven't quite made it to their home in the plastic cases. It'll get there!

Still have a lot of magazines I want to look through for inspiration. It's stacked on the floor about 3 feet high!!!

I have containers that I'm not using, hmmm, can't decide what I want to do with them...

And here's a little secret... My scrap room is our formal dining room! I've hidden the back of the entertainment center with canvas curtains. I've taken photos of the curtains tied up, and then the front of the entertainment center so you get and idea of what it looks like. I kept the curtains up when taking a picture of the front side so you can see through.

See the doggy gate in the background? That's the entrance to the kitchen.


AnneZ said...

Looks terrific! Having just finished reorganizing MY scrap space, I know how psyched you are to feel like there's a place for everything... Happy scrapping, and thanks for sharing (saw your post on 2Ps).

kacy g. said...

looks great! very organized.
wanna come do my house next? :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! You are inspiring me to get to work in mine!

Laura McCann said...

Yowza, girl!! Looks awesome!

ScrapHappy said...

How fun! You lucky girl. I'm still in a closet. ;)

Marguerita said...

Great job! Now for the hard part: how long will it stay this neat when you feel creative ;-)

Karen said...

Wow! Your scraproom looks great!

EquineSpirit said...