Thursday, July 19, 2007

The dentist says...

I went to the dentist on Tuesday. Haven't been for a while. Well, it's been a pretty long time. My kids go, my husband goes and has had a lot of work. Me? I have great teeth. Well, they aren't as great as they once were. My molar started bugging me, but only a little. You know, on a scale of pain from 1 - 10, it was 1/2. I decided to STOP PROCRASTINATING and go it. I mean, it's been 10 years. Yep, time flies when you don't want to see the dentist. So we took X-rays, and unfortunately, I waited too long. I have to have a root canal. A cavity in my molar got out of hand and took over the molar. Fortunately it's not too far gone to where it needs to be pulled. Or at least not until he starts drilling.

So, besides that, I have one little cavity in anoter molar, and I have to have a root cleaning on all my teeth. Grand total? $3750.00. (Divide that by 10 years and it's $375.00 a year) It would've been less expensive and less painful to see the dentist ever year. I am so dumb!

On a better note, I started a diet (Pound Melters) on July 4th, I weighed in today and I've lost 10 pounds! I'm really happy an excited about this! I have set my mind to lose the weight. It's working so far. And with the root canal tomorrow, I won't be eating much anyway, so that'll help too. I guess that's a positive in a very negative situation.

I know I brought this on myself, and hopefully I am learning a lesson from it. Get my life and my body back together, after all, I am 42, not even halfway done yet! I guess I need to schedule my pap and mammogram too! Might as well have a really fun time over the next month or so!

Wish me luck, I such a wuss when it comes to the dentist! Taking my ipod and zoning into the movie Medicine Man. I've seen it like 100 times and pretty much know it by heart, so I won't need the video part. It will hopefully keep me company!

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