Monday, July 30, 2007

Three things...

This challenge is from BonnieRose (

"List 3 things you're really good at... blog about them."

1. I love to be creative, I'm not necessarily the best scrapper, or photographer, but I love the create process and I think when I'm in the zone, it's good. I am really tough on myself, so lot's of people compliment the creative arts I do, but I have such high expectations of myself. I know I'm good, and that's what I expect from myself. Less than that is a little disappointing.

2. Helping people. I think I have a knack to help people, to listen, offer advice, but usually steer them in the direction to find their own answers. I very sociable, and very approachable. At work, people come to me because I'm not intimidating, and I don't make people feel dumb when they ask questions about things they probably should know. Better to ask when you don't know the answer or aren't sure your answer is right, then to not do something you're supposed to, or do it wrong.

3. Procrastinating! I am a pro! I can tell you everything you want to know about it. But I'll do that later, I still have time...

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