Monday, July 16, 2007

Guess what I got!!!!!!!!!

Debbi has a bad memory about birthdays, and I'm glad! She probably would have gotten me something else, but since she had no time, she got me what I really wanted!

This is her very first ugly doll, made with her very own hands! I just love it! It's like I get a really special piece of her! Sweet! I look at it and see her, the red, the sassy-ness, the fun! Love it!


amytangerine said...

the peace love idea for a tee shirt is awesome!! will let you know if it happens for spring of next year :)

Debbi said...

My shelf has a little bare spot where she used to sit. Glad you like it ya big brat. I hope it never makes it to your attic. Darn, how do you spell atic?