Sunday, July 29, 2007

Top Ten Things This Very Minute...

Make a list of your top ten things on your mind right now. At the time you blog. Date it.... mark down the time.. and just number 1-10 and write the first 10 things that come to mind.. no censoring.. this would make one great layout.. a moment in time!

7-29-07 11:20pm (Sunday)

1. Wow, it's almost 11:30, what am I doing blogging when I should go to bed?
2. My scrap room is coming along, almost done with the big stuff, then I really need to get onto the little stuff, don't keep it if you know you're not gonna use it.
3. How the hell am I gonna get through all that patterned paper? I need to throw some in the garage sale pile, I can always buy more ;-)
4. My back is killing me, stupid advil didn't work.
5. I wonder if I can get the stains out of the carpet? Should I try? Should I buy a throw rug? Should I pull it up? NO! I just relocated everything but the table. Are you crazy?!?
6. I wonder if I should get up and fold the pants that are dry in the dryer? It's still going, it will be fine for a little longer, (electricity waster!)
7. I want dessert, not really, but I would like it. I would like it better if I keep losing weight, don't eat anything, it's way too late.
8. I wonder if I should go to bed?
9. I should fill the dog's water bowls. And move their little basket in my scrap room and get rid of the white box they all seem to like.
10. Drink more liquids! DRINK DRINK DRINK

Wow, its 11:31, and I'm going to check out SIS, amd I dumb, or what?

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