Monday, July 09, 2007

Good News and Bad News

The good news is, the upstairs hard wood floors have been completed. There is still a little bit of floor molding to cut and place, but the floors are done! So in the next couple of days the kids rooms will be painted, furniture in place, and my house won't look like a tornado blew in.

The bad news, we were almost done, only a half dozen boards to go, and then WHAM! I smashed the poop out of my finger. I would've een happier to hit it square, cause it wouldn't hurt so much. Nope, I caught the hammer on the edge of my left index finger, enough to crack the ede of the nail, hamburger the edge of skin, and bleed. Owwie! It throbs! I keep it above my heart.
It still throbs. I keep thinking of Debbi on the zip line jamming her finger. Owwie! At least it's not my right hand (Since
I'm right handed). I can type one handed, I can use a pen, but it's just ALOT distracting to feel it throb! Feel sorry for me, I would say bring me StarBucks, but I'm trying to watch my calories. Poop!

BTW, I didn't yell one profanity, I kept saying "poop". My daughter said I could say "shit", but it hurt too much!


Debbi said...

Hurts donit?

Shell said...

ow ow ow..have done that and I am pretty sure I said more than poop!

Michelle said...

OUCH! Sorry you're hurting!!! I would definitely be screaming more than poop! Ouch! Hope your feel better soon!

John,Diane and their family said...

No wonder you were not on im today!!! Hope it feels better soon!!