Monday, July 09, 2007

Spanish Class

Do you ever realize that you've just taken on too much. You know, the moment strikes you to do something that you've wanted to do, and you go for it. All the while trying to do so many other things at the same time. Then you feel overwhelmed, can't seem to schedule time to do everything. And when you do schedule time, it takes much longer than you planned to complete the tasks. This is my life. I am such a go-getter. I want it all, I want to do it all, and I can't. Wow, did I actually say that? I have a busy life to begin with, three kids, a husband, four dogs, a cat, a house under remodel for the 4th week straight, a new desire to create, wanting to spend time with friends, trying to diet, get more pictures, purge scrapbook supplies, throw out old clothes that are just taking up space, read more and watch tv less, walk the dogs, make more home-made-sit-at-the-dinner-table meals, plan a vacation with my husband, and on and on.

So somewhere in there, I was gonna put a 2 night a week, 3 hour long spanish class with studying about another 4-6 hours a week and homework. Yea right, I think I want to learn to speak spanish. I think I want other things a lot more.

Dropped out of spanish, feel a huge amount of relief. Now, if I can NOT add another project and just finish the above, that would be doing something!

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