Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are you supported in your scrapbooking hobby?

This was a thread on the SIStv site. It really drew my interest:

It seems my family and I mean my mom, grandma, dh, etc, etc, etc, just doesn't get why I do what I do. Why I am on a dt, why I like to have certain scrapbooking items, why I host challenges, crops and the like. Why I like to go on scrapbooking boards etc. Why I send goodies to others, etc...
Trying to be positive, but there is no way I can express how much I love my art, what I do. They just don't understand and to them I must look silly.
I tried to explain to my grandmother today, "Well you like golfing, and I don't understand that"... and that we all have things we enjoy in life.
Do you ever feel you are being judged, or that scrapbooking isn't really a good hobby...etc, etc, etc...
It gets annoying, and makes me just want to put a sign on my door, "Here, but leave me alone, rolling around naked in my scrapbooking supplies and the sort", lol...
Anyone else know this feeling?
Thank goodness for this board, where all of us enjoy what we do and can totally understand why we do create.

I know my husband appreciates the fact I enjoy something, but is not at all interested in it. For instance, I come home from a crop or something, my daughters like to see what I've made. He just is happy I had fun. This weekend he picked up one of my old snowflake punches (there's like 8 of them total) and said, "how much does one of these cost?" I told him it was old and probably about $8-10 per each punch. He looked around the room and said, "you've got a lot of stuff in here, probably cost a fortune. I don't want to know." So it's not that he minds that I have a lot, or anything, but rather he is happy I like it. Problem is, there are times when scrapping interferes with his agenda. Like when he comes home and laundry isn't going or I haven't started dinner yet and he's hungry. He gets under my skin, asks me, "how long are you gonna be?" and "are we eating tonight?" I know it's sounds brutal, but it's the facts. If he is in a bad mood or had a tough day, it's hard. But when things go smooth, he's fine.

I replied by posting:
Wow, I feel your pain. It's usually the combination of his day at work and my guilt in taking a break to relax. Other times he is happy I like what I'm doing, but he's not really interested in seeing it. So I have to just be happy with what I create. I've been published in magazines, and written how to articles, and he liked to brag about that, but it was the fact I was commissioned to do an article and it usually included photos of family. If I showed him the same thing in person instead of in the magazine, he would not have been nearly as interested.

So how about you? Are you supported, do they get involved or do they understand?

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Debbi said...

This would be reason #112 as to why I am still choosing to be single. Yep, my friends and family all understand my addiction. Let's keep it that way.