Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CKU San Jose 2005

(First let me say I totally lifted this from my friend Debbi. But the story is worth sharing.)

Nikki, Debbi, myself, Mary Gail, Claire, Ana Cabrera and a couple other ladies formed a dorm when we went to Creating Keepsakes University back in 2005 San Jose. Now, we had to decorate our door to compete for prizes. We created this game on our door that really worked. There's a gum ball machine at the top and 4 playing pieces for the game.

On the close up photo, you can see we added velcro to the squares so your game pieces stay. You can see the spinner on the left and the tubing which goes from the gum ball machine to the bottom of the door. Once you get to the end of the game you can take a penny out of the envelope and put it in the gumball machine. The gumball will travel through the tube to the bowl for your prize. Each of the game squares had a scrapbook star with a saying. The object was to get to CKU. One of the prizes was for most interactive door.

The door that won was Survivor CKU. It was clever, but all you had to do was read the question and lift the card for the answer. I think our was interactive, it had moving parts, game pieces, and a gum ball machine with a long tube that the ball travels through before it comes out the bottom.

(So I totaled lifted Debbi's post, but I worded it differently. The end result is, WE SHOULD HAVE WON!)

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