Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What do you wake up to?

My husband is always the first one to leave in the morning. As he is heading off to work, we are usually just waking up and getting ready for the day.

It's been so hot lately, the house is like a sauna! So at night, the kids will open their windows to let the cool air in. (They close them before going to sleep). Even with knowing that, my husband likes to check on the kids.

This morning he comes back into our bedroom and asks if I have my camera, or my cell phone to take a picture. I was groggy but said yes, I have my camera in my purse (which I keep next to my bed at night). He tells me he needs me to take a picture of something. Not sure what he's asking for, I reply, "Do I have to be decent?" (I was wearing a tank top and panties). "No, you're fine".

So I follow him out of our room down the hall to Brandi's room. I open the door up the rest of the way, and what do I see? Take a look yourself-

I guess Bella (the dog) wanted an electric blanket, (TC the cat). Both were very happy with the arrangement. I always thought TC was Bella's cat. I guess I was right.


Debbi said...

too flippin cute

toners said...

Oh how sweet! Great job by your hubby :)