Friday, May 25, 2007


I was driving a Suburban *gas hog* and it was actually keeping me from doing things or going places cause I just didn't want to waste my gas! I've had quite a few cars in my life, and until recently, two were brand new. I have always had the desire to switch cars all the time. The last vehicle I think I really liked was my Tahoe. It too was a gas hog, but had lots of cool toys, like XM radio, remote start and a DVD player.

I sold it mostly because my husband wanted a different car and was going to sell his Suburban. We had a travel trailer and needed a truck to pull it. So when another nice Suburban came along that was the same year as my Tahoe, I decided to get it.

Well, I never really got to the point where I loved my new truck. I just drove it, it was a 3/4 ton 4X4, so it was a lot to drive.
So we sold the trailer, which meant I didn't have to have a vehicle to tow anything. But, my husband wanted to get a BMW. So I continued to not complain much, except every time I spend over $100 filling up the truck!!!
My husband gets a used BMW, it's planned to be a in between car. You know, fix it up and sell it, buy a newer one, fix it up, sell it, buy a newer one.
Well, my sweetheart of a hubby decided I deserved a new car, (complaining about 12 mpg all the time was killing him). So he told me to go ahead and get whatever I wanted. So I did! I got myself a 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid that I am loving!!! I filled up for the first time after about 450+ miles! It was only $40ish to fill up too!!!
I'm so grateful to have such a generous husband!

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