Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

So here's the run down of Mothers Day. It actually started early when I went with Debbi and Jen to Confucius Restaurant in Rohnert Park.
Jen wanted Debbi to have a good time and asked me if I could go to. So I decided I could take Brandi and Casey with and make it a duo Mothers Day dinner. It was a great time, the kids get a long really well, and the food was yummy!

My Mothers Day started with the traditional party on the bed. My daughters came into our room and my husband and I talk and laugh and wrestle with them on the bed. This year was especially funny! For some reason, Casey's dog Abby decided to start biting at the seat of her sweat pants. She was playing tug a war with it for no apparent reason!

Next we got up and went to Santa Rosa and had a lunch at The Cantina. It was so yummy! Great idea from daughter Brandi who doesn't even like Mexican food! But she loves the Gringo hamburger they serve!

Then, off to the Plaza. You know, buy the girls some clothes and my husband some slacks. I wasn't very interested in buying myself anything, but liked watching the girls enjoy getting new clothes. Makes them feel good about themselves.

After that, we stopped by CompUSA and saw Heather, she was working. We looked around for a bit then left her to her customers.

After that we drove to my Mom and Dads. I love my parents!!! I'm so lucky to have them.

After that, home and dinner and we got to watch a mushy girlie movie! YEA!!!


nikki said...

glad to hear yu had a great mother's day!

Finding Myself said...

I'm glad you had a great day!!!

toners said...

Glad to hear you had such a fun day :)