Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Oh, my. It seems like time is just flying by! I cannot believe that Senior Prom is this Saturday! It's another one of those moments when you realize you're getting older. I have a daughter that's a senior in high school, she's graduating in less than a month! Where has the time gone?
I am very lucky though, my kids are great! Other than one being a little forgetful, (where is that wallet?) and one being a little spoiled, (I don't want to do the dishes. Can you do them please???) So they are not perfect, but they are mine, and I love them dearly. It's hard and wonderful to see them growing up.

We're going to San Rafael to get their hair and makeup done. They are going to San Francisco by limo to Pier 3 to go on the yacht for dinner and dancing. I hope it turns out wonderful.

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