Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So my parents 50th wedding anniversary WAS on March 10th. I had this wonderful idea to present them with a memory album. I thought about putting lots of photos and stuff, but then I would be interpreting the memories. So I decided to invite

my brothers to help me with an album which included all of us. I asked them these five questions:

1. What is a prominent memory from your childhood that is directly associated with Mom and Dad? So when I say think of Mom and Dad, what childhood memory comes to mind? This could be a gift or a special thing they did for you. Maybe an important day in your life, school, marriage, divorce, job, etc.

2. Random memory. What foods do you remember? The memory doesn’t have to be one that had a huge impact, just something random.

3. How did/does the parents affect who you are today? Was it them sending you to school? Working for them? Role models for you as an adult?

4. Something specific to each of them individually: Such as a touching or significant memory with them, or something they did for you that was above and beyond anything you would expect. Maybe a sad time that they helped you through, or a illness, maybe going to something every week like boy scouts or getting a new car/job or graduating.

5. A personal congratulations message. You can handwrite it or type and email it. It can be as little as a few sentences or as long as you like.

So finally, so very late, I finally have the last bit of information from my brothers. What was I thinking asking them to write down their thoughts? Did I forget they were males and it doesn't quite happen? Well, better late than never. I have one final page to put in the album and it's done. I feel relieved. I so want to share it with my parents and show them how special they are and how much we love them. Tomorrow is the day! Yippee!!!!

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